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    Parameter changes Worksheets in Dashboard yet Filters don't follow

    Rieke Osthues



      I have a very nice looking Dashboard with a parameter where one can either see a rather global or country view on the last year's performance (Worksheet 1) or (based on the parameter) a country comparison view (Worksheet 2). That works pretty well.


      Only problem is: Both Worksheets have a filters or coloured dimensions. Those don't change when switching the parameter leaving the user with only one worksheet where they can apply the filter. For the second one the filter is displayed, however it belongs to the other worksheet. Meaning, I can see the Worksheet 1 with a country filter on the side. If I now click one option nothing in the View changes. Only when I switch back parameters I can see the change in Worksheet 2 where the filter belongs to. Same applies for the Dimension legend. It is the same dimension for both Worksheets yet with a different axis. That also doesn't change when switching the view leaving the user with a wrong legend.


      How can I apply the parameter not only for the Graphs of the Worksheet but also for its corresponding filters?