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    TREND LINES - How to ALWAYS add a Trend Line?

    Stephen Groff

      So I've recently been asked to add trend lines to all my graphs.  I've attached a workbook so you can see what I'm working with.


      I've read a few articles/posts about why the trend line option disappears and every single article/post I read revolves around the discrete/continuous notion.  So I've started playing around with this on/off button not really understanding what it does.


      I actually have a cheat sheet I made up (also attached) as to help me determine the difference between the two.  But I'm not understanding something.


      What can I change in my View Level of Detail to allow a trend line to be added to the view?


      Thanks a bunch!



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          Shinichiro Murakami

          HI Stephan,


          You should have "continuous"  axis to put trend line.

          In attached file case, change it to "exact date" and you ill get trend lie option.





          But the number of data point is not sufficient, line does not make sense.





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            Stephen Groff

            My date type include month/day/year:hh:mm


            However, I ended up truncating the date at the source in all of my joins using this calculation (I had to in order to get my target goals for each month in a different workbook to actually show up):


            STR(DATEPART('year',[Master Date]))+"/"+

            STR(DATEPART('month',[Master Date]))+"/"+

            STR(DATEPART('day',[Master Date]))


            The hours and minutes in the goal data always read 12:00 AM and wouldn't match up with other data I had (the target goals) so I ended up taking that all out.  I wonder how I can fix this issue.


            In any case, thanks for your help.  It is appreciated.

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