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    Using a parameter on dashboard for multiple sheets

    Alyssa Ashton


      I have a worksheet that finds the top N% of doctors, by practice and service date, based on patient count.  The N% is a parameter the user can choose, and I use a filter to then only find the top N% out of the total doctor count. 


      INDEX() <= [Total_Referrings] * [N%] / 100


      This works fine. I want to add this to the top of a dashboard.  I would like to add a bar graph to the bottom of the dashboard to show the breakdown of facilities these patients are going to.  But, I want to display the total count by facility for the group of doctors as a whole, not by each doctor.  And I only want to show the doctors that are in the top N% chosen in the top worksheet.  This is where my trouble is.  I don't know how to display the patient count by facility for the entire group of N% doctors, and how to limit the doctors in the bottom worksheet to only those returned in the N%.