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    linked two data sets but two measures from secondary data set are not showing proper numbers when filtering

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      Hi everyone


      I am trying to blend two data sets to create a text table. Unfortunately I ran into a little  issue two measures are only showing the total sums



      Primary data set



      teamtransitLTD status employee hours



      Secondary data


      TeamtransitPlan APlan B

                                                                                      total           35                                    20




      When I make the text table that contains data from both the data sets where I want the user to be able to filter through the Team and transit but the Plan A and Plan B shows the total amount not the individual number for the transit. I want this outcome for another sheet but for this I want it to show the individual transit


      Tableau final Text Table


      what happens which I don't want for this sheet


      teamtransitLTD count employee hours sumPlan APlan BVariance



      what I want and the user can filter through team and transit


      teamtransitLTD count employee hours sumPlan APlan BVariance



      On another sheet I will display the totals for Plan A and Plan B



      How can I make the above result happen?


      can this be done by blending the data? or do I have to join the data to make this happen? these two tables will be put on a dashboard with a text table that uses only  data from the primary data set and then I want to have it all linked to certain filters.