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    WLM abort when using UNION ALL on 9 redshift views

    Scott Shepherd

      Hi guys


      I've created 9 views in redshift that I'm trying to pull into Tableau Desktop and link using UNION ALL. All the individual views have the same name/number of columns, although there may be identically named temporary tables in more than one view.


      After successfully linking 4 of them, Tableau thought for around 45-50 minutes then threw up the below error message. I'd really appreciate any ideas how to get around this, or what's causing the error. Are WLM errors always kill messages? It's not a massive amount of data I'm pulling I dont think...


      Thanks in advance!





      Bad Connection: Tableau could not connect to the data source.
      [Amazon][RedShift ODBC] (30) Error occurred while trying to execute a query: ERROR:  Query (21988010) cancelled by WLM abort action
      error:  Query (21988010) cancelled by WLM abort action
      code:      1078
      context:   Query (21988010) cancelled by WLM abort action
      query:     0
      location: abort_query_action.cpp:95
      process:   wlm [pid=97020]