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    Desktop 10.5 extract to hyper file SLOW!

    Dušan M



      I'm using Desktop 10.5 to create an extract from Teradata Aster to local hyper file (to have it for testing locally) It is taking more than 3 hours to extract 2,7 million records. No joins, no complex SQL just 3 where clauses date >= 2018-01-01 and SR in ('60','70','90') and country in ('US','CA')

      I'm on win 10 64 bit, having 32GB ram on my local machine and there is no network issue.

      What is the problem?

      I've been working on QlikView in a previous company and locally did extracts with more than 5M records within 40 minutes (and these were complex SQL) so this time frame from Tableau is way too much from my perspective.

      Is this a normal experience? Any suggestions on how to reduce this time frame?




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          Hello Dušan,


          There are many factors that could be causing the slow extract. The network could be less performant than the one that was at your previous company. Try running the query directly against the datasource from the same computer. Does this have similar execution time? If it takes 3 hours as well we know the issue is not with Tableau Desktop.


          Additionally, I would make sure you have upgraded to the latest release of Tableau Desktop 10.5.8 or upgrade to the latest version 2018.2


          Tableau Desktop 10.5.8 | Tableau Software


          Tableau Desktop 2018.2.2 | Tableau Software


          There could also be something limiting the connection on the data source side. I would verify with the DBA there is nothing limiting the connection.


          Hope this helps!



          Byrne, Patrick