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    Action filter problem

    Mohammad Sabbaghian

      Hi, I'm new to Tableau and think its great, but have a specific problem I hope someone can help me with:


      I have a table with a 1 to many relationship to a table with time series.

      The first table has an ID a from and a to time, the second table has this same Id and time stamps.


      basically what I want to achieve is to have two charts and when I select something from chart 1 (table 1), it should plot the data from the second table, based on the Id, from and to time.

      I have been able to achieve this, but only by doing an inner join on the two tables. This, however, leads to a lot of duplications of records in table 1 and therefore any aggregations I want to do on data in table 1 will be wrong.


      Since table 2 also has a lot of records (billions), any change I make takes too long to load. So I was hoping that in some way it would be possible to create a query to get data from table 2 based on the selection of table 1 instead of doing a join. So something like:  Select * from Table2 where Id = selected_id and time >= selected_fromT and time <= selected_toT.


      Hope it makes sense.