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    Updating Viz in Public without deleting and re-uploading viz

    Cory Pilat

      Hi all,


      I have several vizzes on my tableau public profile and need to update a few. I have updated them via tableau desktop (some updates are as simple as changing the font/updating dates, others are changing the display, etc...). How can I have that update in tableau desktop be reflected in the viz on tableau public without deleting the original viz and uploading the changed viz?


      I have tried searching the forums and googling around, but there are so many nuanced topics to updating that I feel as though I am becoming lost in the information. Is there any quick and easy way to have the saved data on tableau desktop be reflected on tableau public?


      -Extra Info:

           I have been extracting my data prior to saving it on tableau public, it will not let me post to public otherwise.


      Thanks all,