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    Sum of selected items on map

    Dmitry Foshin



      when I select some points on the map an automated tooltip appears. By default there is a Number of items selected and SUM of AVG(Longitude). These fields can not be changed in a tooltip section. Is there any possibility to change them? I need to show the sum of sales, not longitude there. Thanks in advance.

      selection sum.jpg

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          Tushar  More

          Hi Dmitry,


          Click on tooltip in the marks card and do the following:

          Use the insert option to see the fields on hover

          You can also drag fields to tooltip.



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            Dmitry Foshin

            Tushar, thank you for your response.

            But the question is how to change the field for summing up in Command buttons section (highlighted below).

            selection sum map.jpg

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              Tushar  More

              Just place a measure to details in the marks card.



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                tanvi khanna



                I was going through this thread and wanted to bring a challenge that I am currently facing.

                I have a map chart below which is a filter for country/business group =Asia, Canada, USA

                Map chart (left) controls a heat chart (right) that is a table with geography hierarchy: country/business group ->Units (belonging to each country/business group)


                Ques: 1) when user does not select anything on map chart or RESET ie. all 3 groups are active -> the heat chart should show the country/business groups:


                2)when the user selects one of the country/business group (eg ASIA), the heat chart should show a level below: units for that country:

                I tried several 'if' & 'and' condition -> but dint work.

                please help. in this case there is no null..


                The current functionality is below. I am trying to create the situation where user does not have to click on the drill down button, but as soon as selects country group, it should display units (the col should become units when country is selected else should continue to be groups)




                Tried this as well:

                if ([Country (group)]="Canada" and [Country (group)]!="USA" and [Country (group)]!="Asia")

                then [Business Units]

                elseif ([Country (group)]="USA" and [Country (group)]!="Asia" and [Country (group)]!="Canada")

                then [Business Units]

                elseif  ([Country (group)]="Asia" and [Country (group)]!="Canada" and [Country (group)]!="USA")

                then [Business Units]

                ELSE [Business Groups]



                Thanks in advance! any urgent help is appreciated...



                (ATTACHED WORKBOOK)