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    Preparing large amounts of data in Tableau Prep and Tableau Desktop

    Toru kaieda

      Hi Everyone,


      Im trying to analyze our company's sales in Tableau Desktop 2018.2.  Because data needed for our analysis are stored in different tables in DWH, I have to first filter and join a few different tables and then combine that data with our customers data stored in Salesforce.   So, I've tried Tableau Prep 2018.2 to filter and join 2 types of sales table and another table for product data, then extract them as .hyper file.  Then, I combined that hyper file with Salesforce data in Tableau Desktop. 


      This worked fine for a month worth of our sales data, but I ran into performance problem when I tried to load sales data for past 2 years or so.   It is taking longer than 4 hours to filter and join 3 tables in Tableau Prep and are taking more than a hour loading Salesforce data in Tableau Desktop.  (Our DWH is running on MS SQL server and data being analyzed contains about 50 columns and 30,000,000 rows)


      Is there anyway I can speed up the process of loading the needed data in Tableau?

      I appreciate it if someone can suggest ways that might help me getting this resolved.