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    Churn/change based on 2 .txt files

    Tristan Calwell

      Hi all,


      I have a text file generated daily of all our newsletter subscribers, the next day I get a new file or mostly the same group but of course some have changed.


      I want to look at the overall churn of the newsletter, how many people signed up and how many chose to not get it any more plus the total for the day.


      Here is snapshot of what my tabled data look like, you can see there is an overall gain/loss and also who came and went. There may have been 15 people sign up but also 15 people unsubscribe. Total change = 0 but I need to show the changes.


      In the end I just want a table of the newsletters, their gains and losses, overall change and total for the day.


      Sample workbook also attached.


      Thank you!