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    Map filter action problem- unable to deselect the action filter or reset the filter action(showing default values) when i back to the previous master  dashbaord

    Dhiman Ban

      Hi Everyone,


      I am facing problems in one of the scenario.

      Scenario 1 problem -


      Here, i make a action where i will show India in another dashboard using action filter.

      I used select and choose "Show all values" option


      It is showing India but I made another sheet showing Back to Master. Here, in the sheet I gave action where i choose Select and "Exclude all values" to return to the previous world map dashboard.

      But , I want to show all countries. But , it is showing India in the master dashboard which i selected in the first step.


      Is there any way where "back to Master" will reset the choosen action filter ans choose all values.


      Scenario 2 problem:-

      It is the same scenario 1 problem but i need a little help regarding urls.

      Here, i am taking an example:

      If i choose US: it will open google.com

      India : facebook.com

      another country: any other site


      All this url will open in Dashboard 2 only using url action and webpage. But Countries do not share a common url . So, i cannot encode like www.wikipedia.com/<country> as shown in help files. My action url will open different urls on same dashboard for different countries.


      Please guide me regarding for the two scenarios.

      This is my url for workbook

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