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    What are Circle Views equivalent with?

    Cristian Scutaru

      If I'm correct, they look like a hybrid between bar charts and bubble charts:


      1. If we switch a Circle View to a bar chart, we get a multi-series Stacked Column chart. The circles are like the huge markers on top of the stacked columns. They help us visualize the end points with less clutter.
      2. If we switch a Circles side-by-side view to a bar chart, we get a multi-series side-by-side Grouped Column chart. The rest is as in the previous point.
      3. Circles can be made bigger or smaller, as for Bubble charts, when sliced by an additional dimension. This is of course an advantage over the bar charts. It's more like a Scatter chart with an X category axis (i.e. dimension values), where the markers have been made variable in size (i.e. the concept of the Bubble chart).


      Please correct me where I'm wrong and bring other specific use cases.