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    How can you parameter transfer automatically?

    Mariana Fikretova


      I have the following problem in Tableau:
      As you can see on the picture, it looks like it's on the Dasboard.
      Both tables have the same date sources. In the first table, the data from the second table is filtered and in the second table the data from the first table is filtered.
      Table 1 shows the totals of the individual values. I need the results for the subtraction in Table 2. Since it was not possible otherwise, I manually inserted the results into Parameter fields and each time the data in Table 1 changes you should also change the parameters manually.

      Now the question is: How could I tell the parameter fields that they are automatically transferred automatically after changing the data in Table 1? So I do not copy the sum every time and enter the parameters.

      Or could you possibly solve the problem without parameter fields?

      Thank you for your response.


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          Deepak Rai

          We need a workbook, This looks interesting though.



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            Mariana Fikretova




            Thank you for your response.
            I'm going to insert a new picture and that's how it looks to me in Tableau. Unfortunately, I should cover a lot, so that the data is not visible.
            So it works following mass:
            You select an ID from the filter at the top left for tabele 1 and as soon as an ID is selected you will see the values for X and Y, as well as the sum of them. As soon as you select another ID, other values come out.
            You should manually insert the results of the sum into the parameter below, since I need the ones in Table 2 for the subtraction.

            So the question is:

            How or what should I do so that the parameters in Table 1 do not have to be entered manually, but are automatically transferred after the calculation of SUM X and Y?

            Is there perhaps another way for the problem without parameters?




            Best regards