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    Huge Increase In workbook load time from test to production environment of almost identical specs

    Mike Lu

      Hi my company recently moved our tableau server from test-setup environment (Tableau Server 2018.1)

      (e5-2630 v4 (on esxi guest OS with 16cpu), 16gb ram , 200gb HDD)

      to a production environment. (Tableau Server newest downloaded yesterday)

      (e5-2620 v4 (physical cpu), 64gb ram, 512gb SSD)


      production environment's cpu's a tad bit slower(.1ghz diff) but  that's not significant enough to cause the 20s+ load time )



      Everything runs smoothly on test-setup environment. We use excel sheets and create extract for all of our data sources

      On test-environment , reports takes 5 to 10 seconds to show up,  now on the production environment same report takes about 30 seconds.

      Here's a screenshot of my performance log on production server. Red part being the loading circle that lasts 20s or so moving from one sheet to another.

      Nothing seems too out of ordinary.

      any idea/hints to help me identify the problem at hand?