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    Regarding Date

    sujit patel

      i created a parameter string .

      datatype- string

      two values - 2014,2015


      so when i going to select 2014, then it should show ytd of 2014

      and if 2015 then the same ytd


      how to link that string parameter to date

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          Jim Dehner

          Good morning

          Parameters are the way users can input a fixed value into tableau but they do not do anything themselves - they have to be backed up with a calculated field or a filter


          you didn't provide a twbx workbook so I can't see your data or the viz - I am interested in why you chose to use string for the parameter rather than date or integer -

          but given that you did and assuming you have a dimension [Date] that is actually a date then you can create a calculation as shown in this superstore example



          it will return this





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            Ankit Bansal



            For ytd you can use below formula based on yr parameter:


            year([date])=int([param year]) and DATEPART('dayofyear',[date])) <= DATEPART('dayofyear',today())


            Hope it helps.



            Ankit Bansal

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              sujit patel

              Thanx, I will try and revert back


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