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    Counting the number of 1's in a column

    Saurabh Kapoor

      I need to calculate the count of 1's in the JobDIFOT2# TEST 3 ROJ column and group it by Summary Week.


      Please refer sheet - ROJ Check BOMB Jobs


      In the sheet ROJ Check BOMB Jobs we can see the jobs grouped by Week Number ,  and then the DIFOT status (Job DIFOT2# TEST3 ROJ  based on Job DIFOT2 ROJ) calculated next to it

      In Week 208, BRC has 4 jobs out of which Job DIFOT2# TEST3 ROJ status is 1 for three of them.

      So the graph ROJ DIFOT Counter for Week 208 should show 3 for BRC and 2 for BOMBO.

      I am unable to get the right counts here. It is reducing the count for BOMBO as well.

      Similarly counts are being reduced for other weeks too.


      I have struggled with this issue for more than a week encountering errors such as :

      Cannot Mix Aggregate and Non-Aggregate functions in custom calculation

      Level of detail expressions cannot contain table calculations or the attr function

      I was blending 2 tables earlier which caused issues in use of LOD's . So I have now created a join which is being used here


      Any help here would be much appreciated. Thanks.


      EDIT : I have updated the attachment. ( Package workbook has been created using 10.5)