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    How to plot running count of a dimension?

    Dian Jiao

      I am creating a dashboard of our door data in Tableau. New doors are added to the database every day. Each door ID is associated with a insert timestamp. Now I want to plot the growth of total door count. The idea is to count the distinct "Active Door ID" with "ETL Insert TS".


      I first created a calculated field called "Door COunt by Date" which is defined as "{ FIXED [Door Insert Date]: countd([Active Door Id])}". Then I created "Running Door Count": "RUNNING_SUM(SUM([Door Count by Date]))".


      When I plotted the "Running Door COunt" by the week of "Door Insert Date". The trend seems ok which increases gradually. However the total count at the end is way bigger than the actual door count (Countd(active Door Id)). I think the problem is some doors are counted more than once. But I don't know how to correctly plot this with the actual numbers.