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    Tracking number of employees

    Adrian Holguin

      I am looking for a way to find when our sections will be low on manning.  We all have a set date on when a person will leave and I am looking to find points on where those levels get low so we can address it.  For example, Section A has 10 people. Person 1 leaves in Dec 2018, Person 2 leaves in Feb 2019, Person 3 leaves in Mar 2019, Person 4 leaves in Apr 2019.  I want to be able to show that in Jan that section will have 9 people, in Mar they will have 8 people, and so on.  Each person shows their departure date but does not reflect when they are present (i.e. I want to show that a person that leaves in Mar 2019 is still part of the numbers up until they leave).  Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.  I am using Tableau 10.5.


      In the example below, Cargo will have 2 people until Oct 2018 when Debbie Allen leaves. Shipping will have 2 people until Jul 2019, and Trucking will have 2 people until Jul 2019.


      Nov 2019Feb 2019Oct 2018Dec 2019Apr 2020

      NameDeparture DateSection
      Joe SmithCargo
      John JohnsonJul 2019shipping
      Adam Smithtrucking
      Debbie AllenCargo
      Richard JonesTrucking
      Sally SueShipping