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    How to link 2 different data sources a tableau server and excel sheet

    Haider Ahmed



      I currently have a tableau server linked as a data source and an excel sheet linked as a data source in Tableau my workbook (Version 10.5). I built a relations on the data sources through [Respond].[Reference_Usage_ID] (Excel sheet) = [ARS_ACPT].[Usage_ID] (Tableau Server). Not all [Respond].[Reference_Usage_ID] are in [ARS_ACPT].[Usage_ID]  so when I build a Dimension Calculation in  [ARS_ACPT].[Usage_ID] I get a Null Value in my window, which I need to show up as an "N" I have attached images:




      CMT IND should either be Y or N.


      Any Ideas?


      Thanky you in advance