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    How to connect Tableau Desktop and Oracle EBS server?

    Balamurugan Alwarnadar

      Hello everyone!

      Could someone help me how to establish connections between Tableau Desktop and Oracle EBS server?


      I have connected using server name, port and service name but, it is asking me everytime when I am trying get some data using simple SQL queries.

      Is there a way to keep connected both application and server?

      Also, provide some ideas how to save those scripts and convert them as user friendly reports?


      Thanks in advance!



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          Hello Balamurugan,


          Can you give a little more detail about the scripts that you are attempting to run with Tableau Desktop and the Oracel EBS Server connection? I am not sure I fully understand the requirements of what you are trying to accomplish.


          Is it constantly asking you to sign in each time you are dragging out pills into the view? I would check with the DBA and make sure there is not a setting killing the connection from Tableau Desktop.


          I also found this thread that has some additional suggestions for storing the data in a data warehouse then connecting Tableau Desktop to the warehouse.


          + Connect Tableau to Oracle EBS


          Hope this helps!



          Byrne, Patrick