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    Calculated Field

    ljubomir stajic

      HI all,


      I have a question that I hope somebody can help with.


      The attached file has 2 sheets--Actual and Plan YE. I'm trying to get the Growth calculated in the Actual sheet to be applied to the Plan YE sheet.


      The problem is that the actual workbook has accounting period 2 selected and the plan has to have 12 selected.


      Basically, the logic is that I'm taking the growth percent calculated in period 2 and then applying that growth to the year end plan (period 12)


      The final formula should look something like this, which I saved as a calculated field "YE_Projection_Variance":

      (1+[IA_Flash_Report (BRMReports)].[Growth])*SUM([Plan Amount])


      The result should be 175,091*(1+8.25%)=189,536  I get 105,129....


      I would appreciate any help.