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    Displaying period of time between two dates -- rounding the ends of a gantt bar

    Kyle Peterman

      I am trying to build a Tableau resume and I wanted to show my timeline of work history, but I am having a couple of issues that I need some help with.


      For each position I have worked, I have the start date of the job, the end date of the job, and the title.  I thought I should be able to make a Gantt Bar chart which would show each job on a row and the start date and length of time (basically the bar would represent the time between the start date and end date).  I have calculated the difference between the start date and end date using DATEDIFF.  But, I'm having trouble visualizing the Gantt Bar chart.  I have the start date on columns (MONTH(Start Date)) as a continuous variable and the marks card is set to Gantt but when I set my calculated Months from start field on the size it is not sized appropriately.  I would expect that the bar would reach from the start date to where the end date would be, but that is not what is happening.


      Any help would much appreciated as I thought I knew what this was doing, but I guess not and I cannot find anything out there with the same scenario I'm trying to do.


      Secondly, once I get the bars figured out I am trying to round the ends of the bars.  I know how to do this using a dual axis chart for one end of a bar, but is there a way to do this for both ends of the bar?


      Thanks in advance