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    Percent of Total of YTD Growth

    Luke Sirakos

      I am looking to analyze the year to date growth (or other time frame) for two different categories and then determine what percent each category makes up.  I included a workbook with sample data, I can get the YTD growth but that uses a table calculation and I am unable to then do a table calculation on top of that to get the percent of total. I would like to show this over time but I would accept a point in time result if that's the only way to do it.


      An example of what I am looking for using the sample data:


      The growth for August for Type A is 3,163,264

      The growth for August for Type B is 1,031,462


      I would like to show not only the growth figure but also that Type A makes up for 75% of the total growth YTD and Type B makes up for 25% of the total growth YTD.


      The actual dataset I am working with is far more complex and has more line item detail so simply creating another dataset that has YTD growth already calculated would not be a good solution for me for a multitude of reasons.  Any ideas?