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    Exceeding Physical Space Available with Tableau Site Allocations

    Kevin Jennings

      Tableau Server 10.3.2


      On Tableau Server, I have several sites with a total sum allocation of 105 GB of space, on a drive that is configured at 100 GB.  I currently have 40 GB of remaining space on that drive.


      How does Tableau view the remaining space?  Is it seen as a collective pool of all available space, and each site keeps dipping into it until none is left (first come, first served) up to the site's allotted max? As long as another site has not used its allocation?


      How does the system respond if a site below its allocated max needs more space, and none is available?  Is this a fatal error, or does the system alert  the user when they attempt an action (publish) without enough space to support it?


      Thank you.