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    Divide each row by a total from another connection

    Robertino Bonora

      Hey guys i have the next question:


      I have a calculated field that is something like this:


      CASE [Category]

      WHEN '1' THEN

           IF Sales <= 100 THEN 'In' ELSE 'Out' END

      WHEN '2' THEN

           IF Sales <= 100 THEN 'In' ELSE 'Out' END




      With a lot more of others options of category but all with the same if condition. My problem is that i have another connection with a table that has 10 rows and a column that is named SLA with this values (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10) ok?


      Well what i want to do is in the case to compare in each IF condition something like this IF Sales <= 55 THEN 'In' ELSE 'Out' END being 55 the sum of the 10 rows in the second connection.


      This is possible? how can i solve this??