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    Calculating Ratio: at the Group Level and by Distinct Unique ID

    Mariah Pettapiece-Phillips

      My dataset: each row is a unique outreach, with a unique [log_id], [group_name1] and outcome of the call [Receptive + Not Receptive Calculation] adds up calls that were receptive and not receptive, and [Pending Callback Calculation] adds up calls that were unable to reach the group.


      I'm trying to calculate the ratio of receptive to unable to reach calls at the group_name level, but also by counting the unique [log_id], because many rows are the same log_id so I do not want to count those multiple times.


      I've made my ratio calculation:

      { FIXED [Group Name1] : SUM([Receptive + Not Receptive Calculation])/SUM([Pending Callback Calculation])}


      However, this is obviously still counting all the duplicate log_ids. How can I calculate this ratio at the group_name1 level while also counting by distinct log_id??