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    Date filter using Start & End Date selection as well as pre-defined time range selection

    Burak Tansug

      Hi everyone,

      I have a question about date filters.

      If you are familiar with Google Analytics, the date selection functionality has 2 key features:

      - Ability to select a start and end date from the calendar view

      - Ability to select a pre-defined (commonly used) date range, like Today, Yesterday, Last week, Last Month, etc.

      A screenshot of Google Analytics interface for date selection can be seen below.

      When you select a start and end date, date range drop-down stays on "Custom".

      If I select a pre-defined date range from the drop-down, start and end date get automatically updated to the start and end dates of that "pre-defined time range"

      In other words, one feature also control the other.


      Is it possible to do this in Tableau?

      If not, what is the best way to approach


      We need to give our users the option to define their date range but we also need to offer them most commonly used/needed time windows in a pre-defined format.



      Thanks in advance for any help you might offer.