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    Rolling out Tableau server using the Published Authority model

    Inigo San Gil



      Our healthcare organization is about to roll-out a tableau server (core) - One of the goals (other than sleek visualizations) is to help unifying the data sources and re-using visualizations across the organization. It seems that out of the many models to roll out tableau, the"Published Authority" model may suit us best (seems to be a good  balance of product/data expertise and data access levels). Can anyone tell us what practical steps does this published authority means? 


      We were thinking to have a unique server, one site and one project to start with, in an attempt to centralize data sources.  We may grow horizontally (more projects) from there.


      We are defining the process to assign users to groups, and permissions to such groups. Are there any common practices in health care that we should look at?  Yes, we will defer authentication to an AD/LDAP, but from there we will define groups and their correspondent access levels.




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          Hello Inigo,


          Thanks for posting in the Tableau Community!


          I contacted the account manager for your account and he informed me that you were discussing the best method for this over the next few days.


          I did want to make you aware of another resource for continued development in the healthcare data viz space. Join the Tableau Healthcare group to connect with other people using Tableau to see and understand their healthcare data.


          + Healthcare


          Have you been to Tableau Conference before? Tableau Conference 2018 is happening in New Orleans next week. It is an excellent opprotunity to expand your personal Tableau Community and connect with other healthcare data professionals.


          There are healthcare meetups and some specialized sessions for healthcare data. If you cannot attend this year. I would follow the #TC18 site anyways because all the sessions that can be recorded will be and will be uploaded to the site.


          + https://tc18.tableau.com/learn/sessions?search=&industry%5B%5D=7&=Apply&apply_filter=yes


          Hope these resources help!



          Byrne, Patrick