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    Adding percent of total to Grand Total column

    Alex Zelman

      Hello everyone - I'm new to Tableau and trying to do a simple thing ( I thought ).

      I have a Tableau dashboard that shows me City with a day bucket count ( 0-15 days, 15-30, etc).

      I put Grand Totals for both rows and columns and created a calculated field ( named Pct) to show % of total by city from Grand total.

      For example Chicago grand total is 13,743 which is 53.86% from grand total of 25,516.

      But when I add the new field to the view it adds a % to every column in my view which is not the result I want.

      I need to add a new column before/after grand total per row to show %.


      Any help is greatly appreciated.

      Using Tableau 10.5