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    Cacluation when denominator is 0 and wish to display "NA" when result is blank or 0%

    jonathan kassak

      Perhaps already asked in previous discussion, but I couldn't locate.


      I am reporting on percentage of patients that met certain
      criteria, by facility location.

      In some months, for some facilities, there are zero (0) patients
      (denominator) and my display that represented a percentage of patients that met certain criteria was blank (empty).

      In an attempt to display 0.00% (for instances when the denominator was 0), I created
      the following calculations (which do work):


      Measure Name: "Count Met Null"    (numerator)

      Lookup(ZN([Count of
      Cases Met]),0) 


      Measure Name: "Count of CSN Null"  (denominator)

      Lookup (ZN([Count of CSN]),0)


      Percentage Met

      ifnull( [Count Met
      Null]/[Count of CSN Null],0)


      Question: Rather than displaying 0.00%, is there a way to display
      “NA” or “no patients ”?


      I am using version 10.5.