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    Background image, map not displaying data after join

    Michał Wolszczak


      I am struggling with weird issue using background image in Tableau. Unfortunately i can not provide the workbook because it is confidential.

      I have layout of warehouse used as my background image. I have mapped X and Y coordinates to each location in warehouse to show what is stored on each location at the moment.

      It works well.

      The issue starts here. Each location has from 1 to 7 levels. (stacked on each other). Tableau doesnt provide 3d viz (yet ) so what i wanted to achieve is to show in tooltip utilization of each level on a bar chart.

      The problem is when i left join second data source which contains fields: Location (which is the key), exact location (with level info), level (extracted from exact location) and item info. when i join 'demo' version

      of second data source with only ONE location, it disappear from my map. My guess is that previously single Location is multiplied by number (1-7) of exact locations therefore it has now 1-7 times coordinates.

      Probably Tableau doesnt know which one to map to background image.

      Any ideas how to work it around? or maybe structure data differently.


      thanks in advance,

      best wishes