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    Visualise Attrition

    Elie Rahi

      I have a website where registered users can login and see content. We have defined an active user who has made at least one login in the past 4 months, if not they are inactive.


      I need a visual that summarises "time to non-active" for our users. A Kaplan-Meier is perfect for this, but realised it has no support in Tableau. Plus a KM graph is not exactly friendly enough for my audience who are not very data-savvy.


      Is there an alternative graphic that will help illustrate attrition and that is friendly enough for lay people to understand that I can put together in Tableau?

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          Patrick Van Der Hyde

          Hello Elie,


          We utilize a line graph to show all users over time here in the Tableau Community and then another line with the fill below the line for active users.  Note that we also show a few other break outs as well with different colors but Active and Total are the biggest.


          In another view, I also suggest a cohort bar chart by month to show who is still participating from past years or months  or whatever makes sense.