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    Show Percentage of Highlight Calculation in Dashboard

    Senthil Kumar P V

      Hi All,


      In the dashboard, i select/highlight a portion of the data, such as 2 customers out of 4 customers in the sheet. Then the other sheet would filtered only the data that I have selected.


      However, I want to show the percentage of the highlighted customers out of total customers in the data. It should show 50% for the above case. It means that there should be a calculation that would ignore the action of highlight to sum the total numbers of customers.


      Does anyone know how to achieve this? Thanks! Greatly Appreciated!


      attached the twbx.

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          Jeevan Krishna

          Hi Senthil,


          I don't have the correct version of tableau to open your dashboard. I tried this using sample store data.


          I created 2 sheets


          Source sheet is a map view with all states(49 unique states in the dataset)



          Target Sheet - Where we show the %Highlighted.

          Created a calculated field

          and used it in sheet like this


          and created a dashboard with the 2 sheets. Added an action with Map as source and the other as target sheet.



          Now based on the no.of states selected, the %selected sheet displays the required value.



          Hope this helps.