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    Sync legend color across multiple views in dashboard

    Matt Schutz

      I have created a dashboard consisting of a few maps.  One is the continental US, and three others - one each for AK, HI, and PR.  It looks great.  I used this walk-through to get started.  Showing Hawaii and Alaska Near Continental US | Tableau Software


      The problem is that I'm coloring by number of records per state.  With an automatic color gradient scale, my colors go from white to blue (I'm colorblind, forgive me if the color names are wrong, but that's really not the point of the question here).  For the continental US map, it makes sense because I have 48 different shapes with different colors.  However, because the other three maps are independent, there's only one color (the darkest blue).  Therefore, in a dashboard that contains all four views, the blue for KY (2.5M records) is the same color as HI (13K records).  I could manually set the minimum and maximum for the color gradient on each one, but I don't want to do that because based on other filters/parameters, an absolute value isn't a great idea - for instance, I might filter out a specific demographic.


      Is there a way to "synchronize" these colors across multiple views without using constant values?