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    Action Filter for Data in a Date Range

    Jing Xu

      Hi All,


      I am new to Tableau and I am having a question - it will be really appreciated if anyone could help.


      The feature we want to achieve is, when a data point is selected on the LAB line chart, only AE records with lab collection date in the range of AE start date and end dates will be listed (AE Start Date <= Lab Collection Date <= AE End Date). For example, in my image, if data point at 9/26/2016 is selected, only the first record in AE worksheet should be listed (AE Start Date = 9/18/2016 and AE End Date =10/8/2016).


      So far, the solution we discovered is to use a parameter for Lab Collection Date and pass it to a calculation. When a date is selected in parameter Lab Collection Date, the AE list will show properly based on if the lab collection data is right in range between AE start date and end date.  However, we don't want the end user to select from a parameter on the side, only to select from the line chart.


      HELP PLEASE! Thanks!