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    Merging 4 sites into 1 default site

    piyum jj

      Hi all,

      As mentioned, my current setup is 1 Tableau Server and 4 sites, but my goal is to merge these 4 sites into the 1 default site. The main goal is to APPEND all dashboards, extract schedules, and data sources from Site #2, #3, and #4 to the #1 default site.


      I initially thought I could export the 3 non-default sites into the 1 default site, but now I realize that would overwrite/delete any content/settings on the initial site. For example, when trying this, my #1 site gets overwritten (all dashboards, data sources, etc. from #1 site are deleted).

      - tabadmin exportsite #2 --file "C:\Temp\Site.#2.zip"

      - tabadmin importsite #1 --file "C:\Temp\Site.#2.zip" --no-verify



      • Permissions and users don't matter
      • The 3 non-default sites have 100+ dashboards (and deleting dashboards is not an option), so I can't manually download them and republish to the 1 default site...


      In summary, what is the best way to merge sites #1-4, so all content is appended to site #1).


      Let me know your thoughts/if you have any questions.