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    Extra Periods in Line Chart, datapoint pointing to wrong point in axis

    Amit Parihar



      I thought this would be an easy one, but I am stumped. My line chart shows me Q3 data when hovering over Q4, Q2 data when hovering over Q3 and so on. Basically, the tooltip shows the correct information but in the line chart, if you follow the point to the axis, its wrong. Also, there are extra points on both sides.


      I have attached the workbook, with all the different combination that I could try. My requirements is


      1. All dates in axis in Quarters as well as all quarters visible in axis

      2. All datapoints touching the gridlines pointing to the right quarter


      I have attached the workbook with all the different combinations I tried. Ideal case scenario is sheet "Wrong Quarter Discrete Auto" with datapoints touching the gridline instead of being in the middle.


      Let me know any ideas.