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    Percent of Total for Compliance Rates: Only show Y Percent


      I'm trying to come up with compliance rates for my company on meeting a certain task with clients. They can either be compliant (Y), not compliant (N), or excluded (N/A). I'm able to get their 'compliance rate' to show up with a quick table calculation for percent of total by filtering out the N/As and comparing the Yes and the No, but then shows their yes percent and their no percent. I just want to show their yes percent. So, if we had 8/10 that met the measure, it would just show 80%.


      It seems SO simple. It's literally A/A+B. I know I need to write a calculated field to achieve this, but it seems no matter what I try it doesn't work. Sometimes because I'm doing a string (since it's y,n) vs. integer, sometimes I can get a number to show up but it's completely inaccurate and I'm unclear what it's actually being calculated with.


      I have a ton of dimensions and measures available. The key ones, I think, would be:

      • Compliance (string, options are: Y, N, N/A)
      • Client ID (whole numbers)
      • Report Month (currently set as a string, Month, YYYY)


      One quick note: because I have combined several months of data and several different measures in order to complete a more full dashboard there are also some nulls that might appear for a month as the client shows up one month and not another. I'm not sure this will impact it (currently they just filter out) but wanted to add in case.


      Can anyone help with this seemingly basic question?