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    Tableau Prep not reading all rows

    Asit Mohanty

      Tool version - 2018.2

      Winodws Server OS


      I am using prep to clean up a big csv file that i have (approx 1M rows).

      But when I open the file in Prep, it's not able to read a set of rows.


      Below screenshot shows the csv file when opened in tableau desktop. Note the file path (highlighted in yellow).

      And then note the different values for 'File Paths' dimension.




      The below screenshot is witht that same csv file (as above) when opened with Tableau prep.

      The file paths all highlighted in yellow (to show that it's the same file).

      Note the values read by prep (marked in the red square). The field name is the same 'File paths'.


      Has anyone faced this? Is this some kind of cache issue in Prep? I have tried many different things so far, but without luck.



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          Joshua Milligan



          It looks like your data in Tableau Prep is being Sampled (notice the "Sampled" indicator on the Clean 1 step).  In that case, it's not surprising that what you see in Tableau Prep (in the profile pane) could be different than the final output.  You're just seeing rows for 8 of the files instead of all 10 in Prep, but when you output and open in Desktop, it looks like you're getting all 10 files.


          If you don't want to use Sampled data, you can adjust the settings on the Input step (find the Data Sample tab and select "Use all data"), though you may see a difference in performance.



          Hopefully, that helps!


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            Asit Mohanty

            Thanks for the response Joshua.

            Your answer could be right. I don't have a way to confirm it, since I reinstalled my laptop using a previous image (before you responded), reinstalled Tableau prep and it's working fine now.


            I am marking your answer as correct since it can help someone else facing this problem. I appreciate the help.