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    Replacing data while keep folders, hierarchies and other formatting

    Jingyu Gao



      I am relatively new to Tableau, and struggling with some problems when replacing data. Is there any easy free-of-coding way to keep everything the same after changing the data source?


      For example, in my work projects, there are surveys conducted in different regions. These surveys have exactly the same set of questions. In the worksheet shown below, my data source is the survey conducted in SSA (South Asia) and I have created several hierarchies and folders in dimensions and measures in order to better organize those more than 100 survey questions, which took some manual work for a while. Now I want to apply these settings to the survey in South East Asia, which is from another data source. I found that when I added SEA's data as new data source, all these hierarchies and folders disappeared, but I don't want to repeat the formatting again. Is there a way to automatically "replicate" such settings to SEA data? Thanks!