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    Question: Tableau Server 10.5

    Tyson  Sam

      I have two dashboards, One holds the charts and summarized worksheets and another hold the raw details (displaying around 40 columns). The two dashboards are connected through Actions.The whole idea is to make sure Users use the Main dashboard and drill down to details from there.


      I have used Ranges for the dashboard size and below are the details:

      1) The dashboard with Chart views I have used min 1300*1080 -auto (Width:1300 and Height 1080). Using this size to fit the dashboard to Desktop Monitor and Laptop resolutions.

      2) The dashboard with raw details I have used min 3200*1080 -aut0 (Width: 3200 and Height 1080) in order to display all 40 columns to the user.


      When i upload this to server, the dashboard with charts and summarized worksheets is stretched out and automatically re-sizing to 3200*1080. which is making the dashboard look horrible.


      Question: Is there a way we can use different sizes for two dashboards and the resolution remains the same in tableau server? or any workarounds to fix this issue?

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          Naveen B

          Hi Tyson,


          Its the known feature as of now there is no workaround for this Tableau team is still working on it for independent resolutions for each dashbaord





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            Ciara Brennan

            Hi Tyson, just to add on to what Naveen has said.... I understand what you're looking to do so I jumped in to the Ideas space to see if I could find this listed. I didn't have much luck, but if you have time I would definitely recommend going in to see if someone has already compiled this Idea for consideration (if so, it's worth up-voting it so that it gets more visibility)....






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              Carisa Chang

              Hi Tyson,


              If you publish your workbook without "Show Sheets as Tabs" checked, the dashboards will retain their individual sizes.

              But, you'll need to update your Actions to use the url for each dashboard, since the dashboard will no longer be in the same frame without "Show Sheets as Tabs". You can use relative or full urls in the Actions.

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                Tyson  Sam

                Thanks Carisa Chang for the suggestion. I can use this idea until Tableau gets this ability in future releases.

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                  I might be missing something but can you use Fixed size of 1300 X 1080 for your summary dashboard and min 3200*1080 -Auto for the detail one? With this, even though the I-frame retains the largest dimensions, the visualizations in the summary dashboard won't get stretched out or look out of place as the dashboard has fixed dimensions. Again, I'm playing dumb here so ignore this if you have already tried it out.