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    Filtering by Most Recent Records Across Time Periods

    Emma Anderson


      I am working with data collected from medical practices that is updated every 6 months on a rolling basis. I am trying to show the average score (variable labeled % of Possible Score) on an assessment over time.  However, I would like to only include the most recent assessment score for each practice (ID). I have figured out how to only count the most recent record within each time data point, but if the practice's most recent update was not in that specific time point, the average calculation will not include their most recent update from an earlier time point. For example, the data point at Q4 2016 should include the most recent record for each ID into the calculation - even if for certain IDs their most recent assessment was completed in Q3 2016.


      Basically, I would like to visualize how the average % of possible score has changed over time based on every practice's most recent score at the time.


      I'm sure I'm not explaining this super clearly, so feel free to ask more questions. I appreciate your help!