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    Dashboard is not refreshed on Sharepoint

    Rodrigo Selari

      Hi Experts


      I´m now installing a new version of Tableau Server and some of my users prefer to visualize their dashboards using SharePoint. They create an new embed code and save the page. My problem is that, sometimes the visualization works well but sometimes it keeps thinking forever and never finish or when it finish it returns with an error message that indicates Timeout.


      I did some research but I didn’t found any reference that Tableau Server has any settings related to that.

      My Tableau server is not set for SAML (it´s disable) but we do setup the AD which is working fine.


      I did all that settings as Administrator of the machine and also Tableau Server.

      I used a valid ID (how do I know? I already have another instance of Tableau 9.3 running in my landscape using same credentials but not experiencing similar issues).


      Any clue of what could be the root cause?