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    MSAS Connection Issue

    Barrett Studdard

      I'm working on connecting Tableau Desktop to a MS Analysis Cube. I was able to get this to work on my machine, but business users are having a problem connecting. We downloaded the drivers required to connect to a cube through excel and they were able to connect via excel to the MSAS cube with no issue (Client libraries required for connecting to Azure Analysis Services | Microsoft Docs). However, when connecting through Tableau the attached error message is received (for 4 of 4 business users). I'm thinking it's related to a driver that's installed when downloading SSMS as I had no issues connecting. I tested by installing SSMS on one of the 4 user machines and then we were able to connect to the cube. Obviously installing SSMS for everyone isn't an ideal solution.


      Any suggestions on which drivers should be installed outside of the above link and the Tableau driver page in order to get the connection to work without issue?