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    Calculated field - Renaming date on one worksheet does not work on another worksheet with similar setup

    Anders Bonfils

      Hi Guys,


      I made a calculated field that renames the date (1. april 2018 to Q2).


      This is possible on one worksheet but not on another.


      STR( CASE MONTH([Date (Monthly Demographics (Danske Bank-Koncernen))] )

      WHEN 1 THEN "Q1"

      WHEN 2 THEN "February"

      WHEN 3 THEN "March"

      WHEN 4 THEN "Q2"

      WHEN 5 THEN "May"

      WHEN 6 THEN "June"

      WHEN 7 THEN "Q3"

      WHEN 8 THEN "August"

      WHEN 9 THEN "September"

      WHEN 10 THEN "Q4"

      WHEN 11 THEN "November"

      ELSE "December" End)


      Setup 1.JPG


      Setup 2.JPG



      Any help ?