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    Help with Multilevel Filtering

    Brian Welsh

      Hello everyone,


      I have a data set from a ticketing platform with Queues > Categories > and Sub Categories. I am familiar with using parameters to filter data and I am able to set this up to switch from one Queue to another, however I have a need to filter all the way down to the Sub Category level.


      Data set looks something like this:


      Ticket IDOpen DateQueueCategorySub Category
      11/1/2018Queue 1Category 1Sub Category 1
      21/1/2018Queue 1Category 1Sub Category 2
      31/1/2018Queue 2Category 1Sub Category 1
      41/1/2018Queue 2Category 1Sub Category 2
      51/1/2018Queue 3Category 2Sub Category 3
      61/1/2018Queue 3Category 2Sub Category 4


      1/1/2018Queue 4Category 2Sub Category 3
      81/1/2018Queue 4Category 3Sub Category 4
      91/1/2018Queue 5Category 3Sub Category 5
      101/1/2018Queue 5Category 3Sub Category 6


      Ideally I would like to set up a Parameter for the user to select there "team", each team manages specific queues/categories/subcategories.


      For example, team 1 may be responsible for the following tickets:

           Queue 1>Category 1>Sub Category 2

           Queue 3>Category 2>Sub Category 4 etc..


      Is there a way to setup parameters or filters to allow this type of functionality?