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    Length limit for Filter Setting before loading by viz option (JS API)

    Loretta Xia

      Hi Guys,


      Noticed that we can set filter and parameter values before the whole viz's loading by utilizing Option:


      options = {

      hideTabs: true,

      "Gender": "Men",

      "College" : ["Arts & Sciences", "Communication"],

      "YEAR([Date])" : [2009, 2010],

      onFirstInteractive: function () {

      console.log("Run this code when the viz has finished loading.");




      However seems the initial option setting is done by GET, so if one of the filter includes too many values to be set, it will return the error400 – bad request.

      any idea how to deal with this? maybe by changing the http method to POST? (but I don't really know how to do it ;p )