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    Need Help: Bar Chart & Reference Line

    Jerry Hall

      I completely revised my initial question and this edit should make it more succinct. In the simplest form, I'm seeking to build a bar chart with a reference line.


      1. There are up to two bars for each Census tract (Auth Tract Num).
        1. One for On-Sale (onsale) and
        2. one for Off-Sale (offsale)
      2. The count labels in the respective bars indicate the count (CNT Class Parent) of both licenses or applications (lic_app = 'LIC' or 'APP') in each census tract
      3. The two columns with numbers represent the number of allowed applications in a given census tract:
        1. (Auth On) is the number of total onsale licenses allowed and
        2. (Auth Off) is the number of total offsale licenses allowed


      My intention is to present a  visualization where the (Auth On, Auth Off) columns are removed/hidden and a reference line indicates the actual number of allowed licenses by class (onsale and offsale) like this:




      I get all kinds of erroneous reference line placements, the most common being the line being doubled... eg, if there's a count for both licenses and applications on a single bar, the Auth On number doubles.


      I hope this explains this well enough for you to help. I included the .hyper data  extract as well as a CSV if that somehow doesn't work.


      Thank you very much!