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    Filtering measures

    Denise Carter


      Hello all! I am new to Tableau and I am trying to apply a filter to a measure based on another measure. I am using call centre stats in the dashboard and need to see the data based on the most recent interval (time, at the ½ hours 1:00,1:30, 2:00, 2:30) where another measure is not null. If I use the Max of the interval I will always get 23:30, but I need to see the call stat data based on the most recent interval where say volume is not null. All intervals are listed and Volume is populated only to the current time.
      For example: the data is live so if it’s now 14:00 the sheet should show metrics based on the 13:30 interval, not the aggregate of all the intervals for the day . Data at future intervals show as null, and Level of Detail is not available with my data set.

      Unfortunately the data is confidential and I cannot post the workbook.
      Any help would be appreciated.